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How To Spend Time At A Casino Without Gambling


Visiting a casino for a friend is one of the most common ways people get inside the casino. Gambling is not the first thing on their mind, as the casino is not just always about gambling. In this article, we are going to be discussing some of the best ways to spend time at a casino without gambling.


Take an architectural and art tour

There are many casinos which are lavishly decorated and designed. Make sure that you have the time to spend time walking through the lobbies, halls, shopping areas, rooftops gardens, etc.


Watch other people

Casinos are one of the best places which will allow you to learn about gambling. You can meet like-minded people who can help ensure that you sit and meet good people. There are many people who are intense in the casino where many people can enjoy the theatre.


Find the high roller tables

There are many play the games for serious high stakes which is where you can enjoy the best of the casino. You can start off by going and standing behind people which can allow one to look at the way a real gambling table works.


Find a meal

Find a meal

There are many casinos which offer cheap meals, buffets and drinks which can allow one to have the right kind of meal. Choose something nice and enjoy your day eating and having a tour of the facility.


Attend a show

Casinos are known for a wide variety of reasons from shows, music and stage acts. You can easily get to see things from animals, musical fountains, stuff for kids. Get a schedule for many upcoming performances which can allow you to attend for more.


Go shopping

Most casinos have shopping arcades which include designer shops and one of a kind art dealer. You can easily go for window shopping which can take the time to finger the coach leather bags on Swarovski crystals. Try to make sure that you have just the right fun which can allow you to win big.


Take the kids on an adventure

kids on an adventure

Children are generally not allowed in the gaming halls alone by themselves, but depending on their ages, there are many who are distracted from them. Try to make sure that you find the animals in various places as the place is like a maze. You can take them to any appropriate shows, a water park or swimming for the best experience.


Check out security

You can also easily sit and discretely sit in one place watching the security system. Sit in one place in a casino hall and try to find the ceiling camera systems. There are much staff around the tables, the pit bosses which moves around. Notice how the dealer handles money and how customers are managed.

How To Spend Less Money In The Casino

Spend Less Money In The Casino

It is estimated the land-based casino is $350 billion a year in revenues. There are multiple ways that the casino gets gamblers to play with their money. Casino gambling can be fun but can also be very expensive, but we have some tips which will allow you to play without breaking your bank. Here are some of the best ways to not lose your money in a casino.


Do not drink alcohol

A casino is a place where people gamble; these gambling games require you to build the right strategy. But, alcohol can easily hamper with your decision-making skills. This is one of the best ways casino is persuading you to pay more. Try to make sure that you keep you alcohol consumption at a bare minimum not to get influenced, especially when playing.


Have a budget

Another easy tip is to make sure that you have made the right trip and stick to a budget which can allow one to get access to a limited budget. It is important that you stick to the budget that you have created which is one of the best ways to ensure that you have the right goal set in mind when playing without having to suffer any big financial troubles.


Learn blackjack

Casino games can be compared to be played at an hourly cost which can allow one to play the right game. Try to make sure that you have the perfect blackjack with perfect basic strategy as it is clearly one of the best gambles in the house. There is a lot of bets one is making on an average per hour, which can help you find the average bet size. Multiply the number of games with the house edge. The house edge is the percentage which can help the casino make money no matter you win or lose the casino is always winning.


Learn the best video poke pay tables

Blackjack is not the only game which has some of the best odds which can allow you to find the quarter denominations, which makes it you put a little less money into action per hours. Find a video poker game which will allow you to get better gamble than your average slot machine. These games allow you to make some of the most effective decisions which can be used to help calculate the virtual card deck which means that the card has 1 to 52 chances of showing up and can easily be mathematically calculated to find the house edge. Mist tables are known to have a house edge, and it is almost always higher but seem lesser when compared to video poker

Best Slot Games To Play On Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

Mobile slot games are probably some of the best ways to ensure that you have the right games on slots. There are many slot machines which are available but can also be overwhelming as the one cannot decide on the games to play. In this article, we are going to list out some of the best slot games that you can play on your mobile phone.


Egyptian Rise

Egyptian Rise is the best mobile slot game which you can play on your phone. This is one of the best games as it has a mix of Las Vegas and Ancient Egypt, which can allow you to enjoy and listen to the RTP, which is as high as 97.756%. There are also 243 ways to win, which can dine with the help of re-spins on all of the wins and a free spins bonus. It is a game which can feel magical due to the way the game is projected.


Beat the Bobbies

Beat the Bobbies

Beat the Bobbies is a substitute symbol and scattered game which can allow you to play with partners. This is one of the slots which gives you a few free spins and bonuses where you can choose with five spins and win multiplied by 10, 8 spins with all wins multiplied by 5, 109 spins win multiplied by 4, 15 spins all wins multiplied by 3, 20 spins all wins multiplied by 2.


Finn and the swirly spin

This is a rather new slot game which has a Finn, a leprechaun which needs to find its luck charms. All you have to do is take Finn to find the things that you want and let it win. Head to Emerald Isle and start by chasing the star fall wilds, dragons destroy random, and magically transform symbols which can make the time to stop and enjoy the 96.62 per cent RTP.


Big Blox

Big Blox

Big Blox is a game of chance which will allow one to win up to 3,888 when you put up on your bets. There are a lot of cool features which looks outstanding which is brought to you by Yggdrasil. The Big Box for a chance allows you to win and get you some of the best features. There are many spins which can allow you to make huge turns and help you from getting a winning combination which is one reason that gives the game its name.


Pyramid: Quest for immortality

Pyramid is a 720 line five reel slot with wild substitutions, wild generations, multipliers and unique avalanche feature which has some of the best winning symbols which can be tumbling to free up slots for more wins. This is one game which can allow you to keep on playing without having to stop.

Why Are Slots Considered to be the Best?

Slot Machine

The world-famous slot machine has been attracting a whole bunch of people for a long time. Although things began with gamblers, it has escalated to include beginners and other types of non-gamblers. So what do all these individuals see in slots? What makes this game so popular? Well, these questions can be answered through a series of reasons. These points try to redefine the game and break down the basic instincts that motivate an individual to play slots. So without further ado, let’s dig into the world of slots.


1. Lack of Competition

Most of the casino games tend to be reek of competition. You have to face another individual if you wish to grab hold of the prize. But that is not the same for slots since the only competition is you. This tries to evoke the simplicity behind the game and acts as a primary reason to drive people towards the same. Considering that most of the games that have competition are not easy to play, slots make it to the top of the list.


2. Fun and innovative

While most of the games at the casino include the element of fun, slots are a whole different chapter. Based on simple rules and regulations, individuals will be quick to play and manoeuvre all around the game. Due to this, they try to understand the game way better than the rest. Since it also adds innovation with several features, options and opportunities, people have more than a single reason to play the game.


3. Several Platforms

Slot machines were once available only at land-based casinos, and nobody expected the game to make it to online casinos. But things changed over time since the game has many takers for the online world of gambling. Through the inclusion of characters and games based on pop culture references, slots made a splash at online gambling. Everyone began to play the game and casinos kept on adding numerous versions. As a result, today, one can even make a list of the best online slot games.


4. The Jackpot


The prize money is what motivates people to play to gamble in the first place. But with slots, that expectation goes up a notch. Slot games are known for massive payouts, and a lot of individuals implement different tips to achieve the same. These methods have worked out in the past and continue to do so. Since beginners also look forward to the same, slot games are always filled with players. So when you sum things up, you are left with a couple of reasons that formulate slots to be the best game at both online and offline casinos.


Top Casino Restaurants

Casino Restaurants

Amidst all the fun and excitement from gambling, casinos have another thing to offer. This particular ‘thing’ comes in the form of restaurants that contain some of the world’s best delights. Boasting of an exceptional dining experience, one does not miss out on an opportunity to visit these places. Since they are spread out and situated all around the world, we decided to help you out. So our following list contains some of the best casino restaurants that add up the fun element towards the activity of gambling. Hence, go ahead and learn more about the same.


1. Robuchon au Dome


Robuchon au Dome is a classic restaurant situated in Grand Lisboa, Macau. Chef Joel Robuchon is in charge of this restaurant that got an update once Macau surpassed Vegas. With a complete in-house restaurant that opens the door towards luxury, the Grand Lisboa went ahead to appear on every traveller’s list. The massive crystal chandelier, accompanied by exquisite dishes tries to define the overall fine dining experience.


2. Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy

Having a delicious meal while overlooking Vegas’s replica of the Eiffel tower does sound like an exciting activity. For this purpose, you need to visit Guy Savoy in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The chef’s signature meals like artichoke and black truffle soup are all around the corner to help you in on some mouth-watering moments. With a lounge devoted to pricey Cognacs, this particular spot makes up for all the losses that you had during the game.


3. Bobby Flay Steak


Opened in 2006, Bobby Flay Steak is an eatery that has been delivering on all fronts of customer service. It is known as Boardwalk’s Empire’s most enduring restaurant since it’s no ordinary steakhouse. At this place, dinners can expect to fuel their expectations since these dishes are famous all around the world. To be specific, you must try the ‘Spice-rubbed Southwest Ribeye” and the “lobster bar”.


4. Waku Ghin

Waku Ghin

Valued at 4.7 billion, Waku Ghin is located at one of the world’s most expensive buildings, the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The place is headed by chef Tetsuya Wakuda and offers only 25 seats. As a result, this Euro-Japanese restaurant trends to be a renowned experience that many can’t receive. The dishes move ahead to be wow-worthy bites with the most famous ones being Tasmanian grass-fed beef with wasabi mustard.


5. Pikayo


Chef Wilo Benet redefined the game when he took over Pikayo, Condado Plaza Hilton, San Huan. The man has been around for 25 years, recreating the magic and providing customers with a unique experience. His version of the island’s traditions has been sought after by so many individuals with the most famous ones being the local crab stew, meat fritters with garlic aioli and alcapurrias.


Virtual Reality in Gambling 2020

Virtual Reality in Gambling

Virtual Reality in gambling is predicted to grow twice the times at it is today. With more people getting attracted and used to VR, even the betting industry will get benefitted from the technology. Many developers have already introduced virtual casinos using VR technology, although they are still working in it. The VR accessories like headsets, 360-degree camera, joysticks are predicted to reach over $50 billion in 2021.

What is Virtual Reality?

VR is an advanced technology that consists of a headset that can generate lifelike images and sounds. Today VR is mostly used for video games, but that was not the purpose of it when it was designed. VR is also used in several other fields like spacewalk training, flight simulators, and surgery training. Today, the gambling industry is getting highlighted once again as the features of VR fits perfectly for the casinos.


Virtual Reality in Casinos

VR allows the players to connect in a real casino like experience while relaxing at their home couch. Since casino games require one to sit on the gaming tables or slot machines, VR can be easily implemented in it.

VR in casinos today connect you to live tables where you can play on real tables with real dealers with the help of 360 camera. You clearly see the dealer shuffling the cards and placing the bets, which assures that the game is played fair and square. High quality 360 cameras are used so that there is no compromise on the visual quality. You also need a good internet connection to experience lag-free gameplay. It looks extremely real, giving you a feel of playing in a real casino.

Benefits of VR in Gambling Explained

Introducing VR is gambling helps in saving up a lot of time and money for casinos instead of spending money on building a real casino. The players on the other side do not have to spend on travelling to casinos and can connect to any casino platform almost instantly. Another quick perk is that you do not have to worry about someone smoking a cigarette around you. While doing all this, you can protect your identity and choose avatars in the VR world to play your favourite casino games. Everything is made easier with the use of VR in casinos.

Virtual Reality


What Future Are We Looking At?

According to Moore’s Law, the best computer processing speeds double itself every 18 months. This is the reason why there is an exponential increase in the technological capabilities of devices. VR is a cutting edge technology that has been introduced recently and has already made significant advancements. The industry is predicted to bloom the coming decade. This could mean that we can experience a whole different dimension using the VR devices.

It will surely be an exciting journey as we move to the future of VR, which is slowly catching on with the trends. Many things will change, and gambling in virtual casinos will be among the top categories.

3D Slots are the Next Generation Casino Games

3D Slots

Slot machines have always been a part of casinos since the very beginning. There are many reasons why slot machines are still popular among casino players. They are easy to play and does not allow players to influence the game enough. Due to this, the players find it easy to play any type of slot they want, which makes them a popular choice in the real and online casinos.

Due to the advancements of internet technology and network speeds, the developers are creating the next generation slot machines, which will give players a brand new experience. These slot games are called 3D slots, based on the experience they will provide.

3D slot games are not the usual 3D display with 3D glasses that you are imagining. It is a whole different experience which does not require any 3D glasses to enjoy the slots. Rather than creating the illusion that the image is 3D, the developers are creating high 3D graphic slot machines which will appear to pop out of your device screen by itself. This idea provides a whole new interactive experience among the players compared to the traditional online video slot games.


The 3D slots feature interesting storylines and characters which add more intensity to the games. It also features increased replay value and an added incentive. 3D slots also offer a large variety of themes and designs that fits the taste of every kind of player. Added themes, improved graphics, animations, and sounds all combined make a great gaming platform for the slot machine lovers. The difficulty of the game remains the same as any other slot machine, and the chances of winning are purely based on RNG tool. The 3D slots can have better bonuses and stacked symbols, but that does not make the game any more difficult, rather more rewarding.

Where can you play 3D slots?

3D slots are easily available on the popular online casino websites. These platforms can provide both free to play and paid games. If you are not a gambler type and just want to experience the quality of the games, you can browse the free to play 3D slot games. Other casino sites can offer the same 3D slots with minimum bets where you can expect to make big jackpots soon. The best online casino sites offer unique promotions such as registration bonus, free spins, and weekly tournaments. Make sure to enjoy these bonuses while checking out the new 3D slot games without spending a coin.

Many modern casinos have introduced live 3D slot machines in their land-based casinos due to the growing popularity of 3D slots. 3D slots are a huge improvement over the traditional video slots. These new games make the players feel like they are inside the game, which is a rich experience that one should try out.


The Latest 2 Additions to the Thrilling Blockbuster Slots

Thrilling Blockbuster Slots

Both gamblers and developers love the idea of famous movie characters popping up on the screens of the slots to generate random outcomes. While the avid slots players wait for their favorite character to fill a reel and their pockets with money, the game developers are so keen to make that possible by collaborating with film studios and other famous brands including tv shows and anime. Plenty of blockbuster movies and TV shows have ruled the slot machine floors in the past and still do. It only keeps expanding as new fads take over the space of these slots. Hollywood and slots blend so perfectly to create gaming marvels that people adore for the ultimate entertainment they offer. If you are in search of more glistening machines with your favorite characters to draw your lucky reel, here are some of the latest additions to the land of ‘Blockbuster Slots.’


1.      Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes

It all started with the French novel that grew to become a worldwide hit, both on paper and film reels. Fans profoundly adored the literary work that when it was adapted into a motion picture, people rushed to the theatres to have a 2-hour-long cinematic spectacle. Although there have been small-screen adaptations of the novel, it was the movies that rose the franchise into immense popularity. The slots game is based on the phenomenon that lasted for 6 years from 2011-2017 with the machines having imbibed the plot of the trilogy.


Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and War of the Planet of the Apes were the movies from the franchise that surfaced into slots. The machine’s structure is rather unusual since it has two 5×3 sized grids spinning simultaneously with a total of 40 fixed pay lines. Apart from the reels embossed with Caesar and Kobo, you are offered with Free Spin rounds both on Rise and Dawn. You can trigger both these free spins by playing a minimum of 3 Scatter symbols at any spot on either of the reels. The Rise Free Spins come with 10 free rounds with a Wild meter attached to them, which you can utilize to collect the randomly placed Wilds. 15 free rounds are awarded in Dawn Free Spins with 3 meters- Extra Wild, Extra Spin, and Multiplier. Many more features await your cranking over the machine to kindle within you some “ape-some” moments.


2.      Jumanji


People might know this movie franchise for a long time now since the first installment released in 1995. There seems to be confusion if the flick that released in 2017 was a sequel or a reboot; the makers did confirm that it has no connections with the past one but surely is a sequel too. The 2017 movie was a blockbuster to have generated a worldwide fad for it so much so that it even took over slots. The unconventional structure of the reels with a 3-4-5-4-3 setup and 36 fixed pay lines attract gamblers and movie fans alike. You can find all your favorite characters there and also avail of the special features that include Sticky Vines, Monsoon Wilds, Monkey Mayhem, and Wild Stampede. All 4 Free Spins come with a whole lot of exciting treats, which you get to redeem by playing the dice game on the Jumanji Board Game.

Play the Slots to Win the Throne

Play the Slots to Win the Throne

No one would have imagined a TV adaptation of the famous novel series by George RR Martin would turn out into a trendsetter. Right from its first season that released in 2011, fans have kept multiplying like that of a chain reaction. As the series put an end to the epic saga in 2019 with its eighth season, people were disappointed with anti-climatic sequences that led to the destruction of a beloved series. Although the ending to the franchise was a huge letdown, the fans still love to have long conversations about the mind-blowing scenes and their favorite characters. This could be the reason why the slot machines with the tag “Game of Thrones” have been under high demand since its launch in 2015.


A translation of the excitement and drama onto the spinning reels was the aim behind developing such a game. Developers were confident with this collaboration owing to the fact that the series was a worldwide hit. If you have had enough out of the series, but you need from that universe, there wouldn’t be a better place to escape into than the slots game. Let us look at the game in detail to have a clear picture of what every fan should expect out of the machine.

Thrones Slots

Game Play of Game of Thrones Slots

The HBO series has been imprinted onto the slot screens impeccably to make the fans well up in the memorable moments that they were offered on the small screens for 8 years. The two versions of slots inspired from the series include the one with 15 pay line and another one with 243 Ways to Win. By playing the former, you are at an advantage of having a slightly higher RTP than the latter. In 15 pay lines, you are subject to an RTP of 95.4%, whereas when you play with the different ways to win, you receive 95%. You would be disappointed to know that none of your favorite characters is on the reels; instead, the seals of Lannister, Baratheon, Targaryen, and Stark are the only occupants of the slots. When you play 5-of-a-kind, you can win about 200 times your bet if you make use of the Scatter symbol.


The Free Spins mode is the most attractive feature here, which you can activate only by playing a minimum of 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels in a single round. The number of spins you receive depends on the house you select. Baratheon awards you with 8 free spins and a multiplier of x5, selecting Lannister will bring you 10 free spins and a multiplier of 4x, the Starks offers you 14 free spins and an x3 multiplier. When you go for the Targaryen family, you are in for the biggest bonus of 18 free spins and an x2 multiplier.


A Gamble Feature is also available on the machine, allowing the players to choose between two houses, after which a coin is flipped. If the coin lands in your favor, you can win big profits depending on the size of your bet.

How Stable is the Gambling Scene in Atlantic City Today?

Atlantic City

Economic stability is an area that undergoes constant discussions since every country’s prosperity depends on it. Of all the domains that constitute the global economy, the gambling industry is the one that has protected many countries from falling apart. Although it is illegal in most of the areas in the world, it has had a boom in some of the regions to have become the major contributor to the stability of that country’s economy. The US and Macau are the two countries where casino gambling has flourished rampantly. Since the advent of this industry, several innovative ideas and regulations have brought about changes to the gambling scene in the US. According to the studies conducted on the revenue generation of the gambling industry, about $43 billion is garnered from all the commercial casinos located across 20 American states.


Most of the statistics don’t include the revenue generated from the tribally-owned casinos located in states like Arizona, Florida, and California. They alone mint over $30 billion in the gamble. The US has reigned the gambling kingdom for years and still seems to be the leader. It is always the states favorabale for gambling that is under question since the scene has changed over the years.

Gambling Scene

Atlantic City Casino Gambling

Back in 1978, when the casinos started functioning in Atlantic City, New Jersey began developing standards that were reaching almost up to that of Nevada. The East Coast gamblers didn’t have to travel long distances to indulge in a game anymore with a huge home base to serve them with luxurious entertainment. All the popular casino games like blackjack, craps, and poker were being offered in the establishments in New Jersey.


The state has, since then, been the second-largest center of gambling in America. New Jersey has maintained that position to date, without having caused many issues as to tarnish their reputation. In 2013, when the US government passed a law to incorporate online gambling, New Jersey was included on the list. With the huge revenue that the state generates, a certain priority has been attached to the name “Atlantic City,” which even made them force the US Supreme Court to amend the law that prohibited the operation of sportsbooks anywhere other than Nevada.


Despite all the good times that the New Jersey gambling industry had, Atlantic City and New Jersey have been going through one of their hardest phases of late. Pennsylvania, which was a desolate zone for casinos, had gamblers driving to Atlantic City to indulge in their favorite game. For more than 20 years, New Jersey was the only nearby casino hotspot for the Pennsylvania citizens. But since 2006, the gambling culture has changed quite a lot in Pennsylvania with the slot-parlor style casinos and table games that entered the scene. Gamblers had a lot of options to select from, which made New Jersey drop its position on the table. States like Louisiana and Illinois also generate better profits from the gambling industry than in New Jersey, thereby putting Atlantic City on the fifth position.