How Stable is the Gambling Scene in Atlantic City Today?

How Stable is the Gambling Scene in Atlantic City Today?

Economic stability is an area that undergoes constant discussions since every country’s prosperity depends on it. Of all the domains that constitute the global economy, the gambling industry is the one that has protected many countries from falling apart. Although it is illegal in most of the areas in the world, it has had a boom in some of the regions to have become the major contributor to the stability of that country’s economy. The US and Macau are the two countries where casino gambling has flourished rampantly. Since the advent of this industry, several innovative ideas and regulations have brought about changes to the gambling scene in the US. According to the studies conducted on the revenue generation of the gambling industry, about $43 billion is garnered from all the commercial casinos located across 20 American states.


Most of the statistics don’t include the revenue generated from the tribally-owned casinos located in states like Arizona, Florida, and California. They alone mint over $30 billion in the gamble. The US has reigned the gambling kingdom for years and still seems to be the leader. It is always the states favorabale for gambling that is under question since the scene has changed over the years.

Gambling Scene

Atlantic City Casino Gambling

Back in 1978, when the casinos started functioning in Atlantic City, New Jersey began developing standards that were reaching almost up to that of Nevada. The East Coast gamblers didn’t have to travel long distances to indulge in a game anymore with a huge home base to serve them with luxurious entertainment. All the popular casino games like blackjack, craps, and poker were being offered in the establishments in New Jersey.


The state has, since then, been the second-largest center of gambling in America. New Jersey has maintained that position to date, without having caused many issues as to tarnish their reputation. In 2013, when the US government passed a law to incorporate online gambling, New Jersey was included on the list. With the huge revenue that the state generates, a certain priority has been attached to the name “Atlantic City,” which even made them force the US Supreme Court to amend the law that prohibited the operation of sportsbooks anywhere other than Nevada.


Despite all the good times that the New Jersey gambling industry had, Atlantic City and New Jersey have been going through one of their hardest phases of late. Pennsylvania, which was a desolate zone for casinos, had gamblers driving to Atlantic City to indulge in their favorite game. For more than 20 years, New Jersey was the only nearby casino hotspot for the Pennsylvania citizens. But since 2006, the gambling culture has changed quite a lot in Pennsylvania with the slot-parlor style casinos and table games that entered the scene. Gamblers had a lot of options to select from, which made New Jersey drop its position on the table. States like Louisiana and Illinois also generate better profits from the gambling industry than in New Jersey, thereby putting Atlantic City on the fifth position.

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