Top Casino Restaurants

Top Casino Restaurants

Amidst all the fun and excitement from gambling, casinos have another thing to offer. This particular ‘thing’ comes in the form of restaurants that contain some of the world’s best delights. Boasting of an exceptional dining experience, one does not miss out on an opportunity to visit these places. Since they are spread out and situated all around the world, we decided to help you out. So our following list contains some of the best casino restaurants that add up the fun element towards the activity of gambling. Hence, go ahead and learn more about the same.


1. Robuchon au Dome


Robuchon au Dome is a classic restaurant situated in Grand Lisboa, Macau. Chef Joel Robuchon is in charge of this restaurant that got an update once Macau surpassed Vegas. With a complete in-house restaurant that opens the door towards luxury, the Grand Lisboa went ahead to appear on every traveller’s list. The massive crystal chandelier, accompanied by exquisite dishes tries to define the overall fine dining experience.


2. Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy

Having a delicious meal while overlooking Vegas’s replica of the Eiffel tower does sound like an exciting activity. For this purpose, you need to visit Guy Savoy in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The chef’s signature meals like artichoke and black truffle soup are all around the corner to help you in on some mouth-watering moments. With a lounge devoted to pricey Cognacs, this particular spot makes up for all the losses that you had during the game.


3. Bobby Flay Steak


Opened in 2006, Bobby Flay Steak is an eatery that has been delivering on all fronts of customer service. It is known as Boardwalk’s Empire’s most enduring restaurant since it’s no ordinary steakhouse. At this place, dinners can expect to fuel their expectations since these dishes are famous all around the world. To be specific, you must try the ‘Spice-rubbed Southwest Ribeye” and the “lobster bar”.


4. Waku Ghin

Waku Ghin

Valued at 4.7 billion, Waku Ghin is located at one of the world’s most expensive buildings, the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The place is headed by chef Tetsuya Wakuda and offers only 25 seats. As a result, this Euro-Japanese restaurant trends to be a renowned experience that many can’t receive. The dishes move ahead to be wow-worthy bites with the most famous ones being Tasmanian grass-fed beef with wasabi mustard.


5. Pikayo


Chef Wilo Benet redefined the game when he took over Pikayo, Condado Plaza Hilton, San Huan. The man has been around for 25 years, recreating the magic and providing customers with a unique experience. His version of the island’s traditions has been sought after by so many individuals with the most famous ones being the local crab stew, meat fritters with garlic aioli and alcapurrias.


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